FasCar 2014 – Everyone’s A Winner!

FasCar is an evangelistic race day that we sponsor every year.  It is held in our church fellowship hall.  It’s a wonderful event where our WOL Olympians (grades 1-6) start out by building their own wooden race cars, which started on Oct 5th, 2014.  Car kits were $5 and kids thought of their own car designs.  Parents were welcomed to help build the cars. After all the cars were built and painted, the FasCar race was scheduled.

FasCar Car Kit

Due to the weather, race day was postponed and didn’t happen until Jan 14th 2015 at 6:30pm.  The FasCar race night was a wonderful time for all!

The kids were excited it was finally race time!
 The adults were making last minute preparations getting the FasCar racing contestants lineup correct.
Pastor Steve got things started with a prayer and words to all of our youths. To summarize, it’s all about having fun and fellowship.  Even if you’re in last place, you’re always a winner in God’s eyes.
The racers were patiently waiting………
Everyone was having fun, brownies and ice cream!
Racers were lining their cars up at the starting gate and anxiously awaiting to see who the winner would be at the finishing gate.
The winners for best car design
The top 3 winners for best overall race time

Did you want to see more?

Stay awhile and check out our slide show


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